Kerstin is a natural facilitator of creative process. She comes alive when coordinating group dynamics, be it easy movement, freeing up story or just being ones-self. I especially like how she engages and approaches improv with a love of the spontaneous. I can tell she trusts her skills, and is confident leading with clarity and awareness. Kerstin encourages joy, fun and lightness. I think she’s delightful!

– Trish Watts

 Kerstin’s presence and skills in leading a group are so delightful. She speaks with authority and confidence but in a manner that endears her to the group. Creating safety in making clear the boundaries and expectations of her is a skill I really value. Bravo Kerstin.

-Trish Fairley

I wasn’t really sure what Move Play Connect was going to be like, but I was keen to give it a go! Kerstin’s warmth and gentle nature creates a safe space for you to explore, have fun, smile, laugh and be silly! Just letting your body move and play however it feels is so freeing. Allowing a deeper connection to yourself and others. Your inner child will love it!

-Lisa Gackle

Kerstin is the most beautiful soul, it is an absolute joy to be in her creative presence!

– Debbie Jo

If you want to loosen your boundaries and inhibitions and come out of yourself, her workshops are recommended.

-Lloyd Powell

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