Hi, I am Kerstin von Shearing, arts therapist and facilitator of Creative Gems Wellbeing and The Creative Wellbeing Experience. I have worked with children and adults for over 20 years within child care, performing arts, arts therapy, retail, hospitality and education.
Having first gained a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Drama and Creative Writing, I followed on to qualify as a teacher and arts therapist back in 2008 from Latrobe University and the Melbourne Institute of Experiential Creative Arts Therapy (M.I. E.C.A.T.) respectively.
Creative Gems has been around Adelaide since 2009. Having started with children’s school holiday workshops to then branching out to adult arts therapy workshops. I also use my accredited InterPlay Leadership skills and run monthly fun sessions. This helps boost connection within community, and allows a space for adults to explore their creativity and joy, thereby improving their wellbeing and self-esteem.
Offering online support for people suffering with anxiety, lack of direction and low self-esteem, I help you to connect and feel better about yourself with Arts Therapy techniques. NO ART EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. It is not about the final product, it is about the journey and the meaning you find for yourself in the creative process.
My passion is facilitating the freedom and space to explore creative self-expression within all the Arts Modalities: painting, drawing, sculpting, writing, singing, drama and movement.
Making you feel comfortable in a group setting, is also what is on offer, alonside my new venture, The Creative Wellbeing Experience, supporting workplaces, teams in wellbeing and team co-hesion.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or bookings, and join the monthly Newsletter. (Unsubscribe option available)
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