Why I Love My Job So Much (Part 2)

I wanted to expand a little more on why I chose to work with children living on the #Autism Spectrum.
While I was living and studying in Melbourne, I worked in the Child Care industry. It was here I had my first contact with children on the Autism Spectrum.
Eventhough, my colleagues and I were not trained in assessing a child for Autism, most of us could pick up small signs to indicate a child may have had Autism. The usual, less contact with eyes in communication, less verbal, a lot of time spent on organising cars in a line and so on.

It was here that I made a connection, with a suspected child with Autism. We had many fun times together, mostly non-verbal. It was like having a “secret” code or unspoken code where we understood each other without using much language. Sometimes he would just come and sit on my lap and nothing was said, other times we would start laughing at nothing in particular.
This relationship triggered my interest to work with children on the Spectrum and there was no looking back. I believed Arts Therapy was well suited to help support children in this area and this was where my aim developed from.

Fast forward to now and I have a client whom I have been working with nearly 3 years who is living with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Next year he will be starting secondary school and has made it clear he wants to continue with our sessions.
In our sessions, we create things such as model castles, paper mache dragons, sand play and drawing games. I am a companion to his creative journey, reflecting upon his inner world. My client feels supported, validated and for the most part, understood.

My latest venture, is to run a social skills group for 9 – 12 yr olds. This will be starting in #mclarenvale #southaustralia next year for Term 1 2019.

I also, am introducing team building and wellbeing in the workplace.
As you can see, I have a variety of interests. As long as I am encouraging people’s creativity and playful nature I will continue running #creativegems and #reclaimyourmojo #morejoyfreedom.

Feel free to visit my website at http://www.creativegems.com.au and subscribe to my monthly newsletter. In the newsletter I share bits and pieces of what is happening as long as any special offers.

Please remember, I also offer on-line support via Skype. Feel free to book in with me via the website.

Wishing you and your loved ones a special and relaxing Festive Season.

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