Why I love my job so much. . .(Part 1)

So, I’m not sure how many people you know, who actually love their jobs but I most certainly do.

And I want to start from the beginning because it certainly just didn’t all fall into place or from a young age.

My first choice in a University course, was a teaching degree, and I didn’t quite cut the rankings. So my mother suggested Montessori Education. I studied a Diploma in Montessori Education part time for almost 2 years and then failed the exam. I don’t like being put under pressure. Although I do like performing on stage (a different kind of pressure). I decided I didn’t want to wait a whole year to sit the exams again and wanted to follow my deepest desires of becoming an actress instead.

I ended up with a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Drama and English(Creative Writing) with both Honours offered. And after having done Actor’s Workshops and performances, I realised there was more to me than only being a performer.

Not really knowing what I wanted to be doing for a job, I decided to take up Honours and do half of it at another University overseas. I was fortunate enough to have travelled growing up with most of my family living in Europe.

So off I went to Toronto, Cananda. I was there for 3 months and ended up pulling out of my studies, as the courses I wanted to do, were all Semester 2 topics and I had needed to do Semester 1 topics first.

This lead me to travelling around Europe and then living for 3 months on the West Coast of Ireland. It was here that I really connected with my true self and had a soul enriching experience. It was also the only time, I had my first ever printed article published (so far) in the Irish Times, pull out section Life & Style Magazine. I even got paid for it. This still remains a highlight in my writing career and was over 15 years ago.

After coming back to my home town from being away for 1 year, I hit a depressed or melancholic time, not knowing what I wanted to do and missing the highs of travelling.

I ended up at a local book store one day and heard a woman giving a talk about how she was a Dance Therapist working with children. My heart literally buzzed at hearing her story and I marched straight up to her afterwards and had a chat. This lovely woman, named Susan, (is now still my friend) recommended I move to Melbourne as this was the only place to study Dance Therapy.

Researching both the Dance Therapy Institute and a Creative Arts Therapy Institute I fell in love with the latter and promptly packed up my things and moved 800km to Melbourne to study a Graduate Diploma in Experiential Creative Arts Therapy.

What a big joy it was to study another time in another field that I loved. Somewhere along the line, however, I got it into my head, that I should probably do a Teaching Degree to keep the money coming in. To follow a certain societal expectation of having a “proper” job. So I put my Grad Dip on hold and went off to do another Graduate Diploma in Primary Education. All through this time, I had been working as a child care assistant. Having moved away from Hopsitality and food and beverage service back in Adelaide, I had moved a step closer to working in a field that fulfilled me more- children.

I then moved back to Adelaide (my home town), returning with a Grad Dip in Experiential Creative Arts Therapy and another one in Primary Education.

Soon enough I was working for a Performing Arts school, running around 25 classes a week from ages 12 months to 16 years of age. This kept me busy and yet I wasn’t really fulfilled.

In 2009, I became a mother. And this began an adventure and challenge that I had not yet experienced before.

I ended up becoming a relief teacher (substitute teacher) and also ran a few holiday workshops for children based on my art therapy skills. I got myself a business number and business name but never really pursued it 100%. Choosing to be a mostly stay at home mother and substitute teacher.

Fast forward to 2012, and my husband and I were expecting our second child. My husband approached me and suggested we move overseas to Germany, where my parents had come from. I told him I wanted to first focus on the birth and let’s talk about it a bit later down the track.

In 2014 we sold our house and our family moved to a beautiful little city called Erfurt, in central Germany. My husband and I swapped duties, he was the stay at home dad and I was the “bread winner,” in a job teaching English.

Long story short, 14 months later, we moved back to Australia. And this is where my reinstated desire and passion for becoming an Arts Therapist really took hold. I had had enough of being a “teacher” and wanted to really pursue my original heart calling of being an Arts Therapist.

For the last two years, and thanks to a supportive husband, I have worked hard on building up my Art Therapy business. I have several  private children clients on the Autism Spectrum and I run monthly Art Workshops for adults. We recently made a sea change and I’m now getting to know the new local community and have already worked with one service provider. Everyone has been very friendly and supportive.

This concludes Part 1, of Why I love My Job. Part 2 will follow within the next few days and continue in more detail and why I chose to work with children on the Autism Spectrum.

Thanks for reading.

Happy Place
Creating some art, based on where and what our happy place is.
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