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What is Creative Gems?

A service dedicated to maintaining wellbeing through the Creative Arts.

• Supporting Families living with Autism or Aspbergers
• Drama/Movement/Art Classes for adults and children
• Individual or group bookings in Art Therapy for self-development
• School Incursions
• Offering the Reclaim Your Mojo - 90 Day Program
• Available for on-line consultation 
• Offices based in Blackwood and Normanville, South Australia.


Kerstin von Shearing, Director and Faciltator, has worked with children and adults for over 20 years within Child Care, Performing Arts, Art Therapy and Education.

She is a qualified Teacher and Arts Therapist, graduating from Latrobe University with a Grad Dip in Primary Education in 2007 and a Grad Dip in Experiential and Creative Arts Therapy from M.I.E.C.A.T in 2008. First gaining a Bachelor of Arts in Drama/Creative Writing.

Kerstin has two children of her own and has been operating Creative Gems around Adelaide since 2009.

Her passion is allowing children and adults the freedom and space to explore their creative self-expression within all the Art Modalities: painting, drawing, sculpting, writing, drama and movement.
She has an innate ability to tune into a person or group and let them feel comfortable in trying something new.

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Creative Gems
Adelaide and surrounding areas
Mobile Art Therapist in South Australia and online
M: 0484 313 329
E: kerstin@creativegems.com.au
Tue - Thu: 09:30 AM - 02:45 PM
Sat: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

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What is Arts Therapy?

Arts Therapy can provide a space for people/children to explore, express and discover new things about themselves by harnessing other parts of the brain using any of the Arts Modalities and building upon self-esteem and well-being.
Art therapy is the application of the visual arts and the creative process within a therapeutic relationship, to support, maintain, and improve the psychosocial, physical,cognitive and 
spiritual health of individuals of all ages. It is based on current and emerging research that art making is a health-enhancing practice that positively impacts the quality of life. Art therapists are credentialed professionals who purposively... support, maintain, and improve overall health, physical, emotional and cognitive functioning, interpersonal skills, personal development, and quality of life. Cathy Malchiodi

"Thank you Kerstin for facilitating a gentle, but deeply moving process on our mothers. As we didn't know what to expect, we were drawn deeper and deeper into a place within where we could resonate with that connection and truly honour it. Many people expressed deep emotion and felt cleansed and renewed by it. Blessings, Kerry." Coordinator, Spiritual Wellbeing Women's Retreat, October 2016.